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Bail Bond Companies Sacramento
The earliest known of all bail bond companies in the United States was established by Tom and Peter P. McDonough in San Francisco in 1898. For more than 110 years companies like Atlantis Bail Bonds have made it possible for persons accused of crimes to maintain their freedom prior to their trial and, if necessary, while they appeal a conviction.

Bail companies, known as "Bonding Agencies" have a standing security agreement with the local courts, under which they agree to post an irrevocable bond, which will pay the court if a defendant for whom the bond agent is responsible fails to appear as promised.
All bail bond companies have carefully-written, detailed bail bond agreements which they sign with their clients as a contract. In California those agreements must be verified and certified by the California Department of Insurance. Frequently those agreements are provided to the bail agents by their insurance company, which will have already verified and certified the agreements.

At Atlantis Bail Bonds, we don't judge a defendant's guilt or innocence. That's not our job. Our mission is to help people who are in detention to get released pending trial and/or appeal, and we make every effort to achieve that as quickly as possible.

We have extensive professional contacts at all levels of the court system and know the specific details of the process. Whether the bail amount is large or small, regardless of any complications (including a 1275 hold) that may arise, we attend to all the details in the shortest amount of time that the system will permit, often within a time-frame of only a few hours.

We offer discounts for clients who are union members, Active Duty military, AARP members, or who have already retained an attorney. All bail agencies are regulated by the state of California, but we do everything legally possible to assist our clients in being able to afford exercising their right to bail.