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Bail Bonds in Marysville
When someone is arrested in Yuba County, by officers from a local police department or by Sheriff's deputies, they usually end up at the county jail in downtown Marysville at 215 5th Street. This is the fifth-smallest county in California, with less than 75,000 people and Marysville has just a little more than 12,000 residents. Because area being served is so small and the population is so limited, none of the towns in the county, including Marysville, have a jail of their own, so all detainees are kept in the county jail.

About 40% of the inmate population is a mix of foreign nationals being held for illegal immigration. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) pays local sheriffs to house illegal immigrants because the Feds don't have room in their own facilities. The remainder of the inmates are individuals slated to appear in court or prisoners who are serving out their sentences after being convicted. Traditionally, inmates sentenced to more than one year of incarceration have gone to State prisons, while anyone sentenced to 12 months or less serves their time in the county jail.
To ease prison overcrowding, the California courts have ordered many inmates who would have been sent to prison to serve their time in county jails. Some of those inmates will be in the county jail for as long as 30 years or even more. This gives anyone with friends and relatives who are waiting for court dates a huge incentive to bail them out right away. You don't want them sharing their accommodations with illegal aliens and hardened thugs.

The best way to get someone out of jail is to post a bond. That bond is the Court's guarantee that the defendant will appear in court as scheduled. The dollar value of the bail bond is set by the county's bail schedule. The bail agency stands liable for entire amount and charges a fee in exchange. There is a lot of paperwork involved in posting bail and everything has to be done properly. It's not a do-it-yourself the kind of thing and is best handled by an experienced bail professional. A bail agent will take care of the details and get the inmate released in the shortest time possible.

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