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Fast Bail Sacramento
When you have been detained and are in custody of the authorities, every minute seems like an hour. Jails are crowded, miserable places where time crawls by slowly as you sit in your cell waiting for your release. All you can think about is what you can do to get out. You want FAST bail! At Atlantis Bail Bonds, we understand. We deal with clients every day who have a family member or friend in custody, and we never forget that every transaction has a human face. We know that arranging that person's release on bail is their top priority and it's our top priority too.

We have streamlined our procedures, based on years of professional experience, so we can cover all the details that are required to complete the release process as quickly as possible.
We have extensive professional contacts at all levels of the court system and know the specific details of the process. Whether the bail amount is large or small, regardless of any complications (including a 1275 hold) that may arise, we attend to all the details in the shortest amount of time that the system will permit.

Sometimes, if the bail amount is set too high, it may be necessary to request a "Bail hearing" and ask the court to lower the required amount. This will take time to schedule, but from the defendant's perspective, bail they can't afford is the same as no bail at all.

On the other hand, if the defendant is on probation, it may be best for them to post bail as fast as possible, without requesting a bail hearing. Often, if the court finds out that the defendant is currently on probation before he or she posts bail, it will place a "hold" on their release. In many cases, if they "bail out" prior to the court obtaining that information, their probation officer may allow them to remain free on bail pending the outcome of their case.

When you have a friend or relative in custody, remember Atlantis Bail Bonds; when fast can't be fast enough!

We are experts in the 1275 process! Just one phone call to us can have your friend or relative released from custody. We have agents standing by 24 hours a day, every day!