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Like every other county in California, the Sacramento Superior Court Judges annually revise the uniform schedule of bail for all bailable offenses except Vehicle Code infractions. The schedule for Sacramento County can be viewed here. This is mandated by the California Penal Code, Section 1269b.

No bail bondsman or agency may charge a fee of more than 10% of the total amount of bail posted. This is the legal, top-side limit of what can be charged. A bail agency can, however, offer discounts off that rate. We always give our clients a free bail quote in advance of signing any paperwork. We want them to know exactly what our services will cost. It's only fair.
Some agencies offer discounts for clients who have already retained an attorney. Clients who are members of a union, are senior citizens or veterans or currently serve in the armed service may also be eligible for reduced rates. We offer discounts to people who fit into any of these categories. If you encounter an agency that refuses to tell you how much they will charge, before signing an agreement, you might want to look elsewhere. Rates that seem too cheap, may be a sign of trouble ahead.

You want to get your friend or relative out of jail. You want to get that done as fast as possible. That's perfectly natural. But you owe it to yourself to check around and get bail quotes. And those bail quoutes should be free. Once the bail agent knows the amount of bail the court requires and the financial conditions involved (cash, financed payments, collateral, etc.), there should be no barrier to giving you a clear idea of wht it will cost.

At Atlantis Bail Bonds, we're glad to give anyone who calls a free warrant check to let them know if there are any outstanding warrants. We also gladly accept calls requesting details on or rates. The law sets bail amounts and puts limits on how much a bondsman can charge. Our goal is to provided the fastest service possible at a price you can afford, so call us first. You'll be glad you did!